Vishal Wadi

Founder & Chief Nutrition Officer

Clinical & Sports Nutritionist | Certified Diabetes Educator | MBA, BSc.


Hello & welcome.

I am a healthcare professional with over 20 years of experience in medical & nutritional healthcare.
I am a practicing Nutritionist and will offer nutriCONSULT.

BellyBurn Healthworks (founding company of BellyBrn.com) is founded with an idea of imparting convenient healthcare solutions for chronic health disorders, which are common in our households these days, through the right food & nutrition advice and through delivery of ready to eat nutritious food & health products. We have been eating food our entire lives for taste & for satisfying hunger. In the process, the potent healing & health sustaining properties of food are forgotten. Right food works as medicine, without the serious side effects of medicinal chemicals. For this VIWA (Vege-tatian, Inclusive, Wholesome & Aggregate) food principles are designed to create awareness about the right foods. This will be done via nutriCONSULT, wherein you will be consulted via audio or video call on how to make right food choices; nutriFOOD is the ready to eat healthy meals pack made on VIWA principles that will be home delivered to you on subscription basis, currently in Bangalore; nutriPRODUCTS is a collection of cooking and health essentials which are handpicked as healthier alternative to conventional products.

Hope you will enjoy our services and will have healthier lives.

Should you wish to communicate with me, please write at vishal@bellybrn.com.

Nutritiously yours.


Sachin C N

Co-Founder & Director - nutriPRODUCTS


Hello & welcome.

In today’s super-fast lifestyle, working executives find it difficult to get a healthy, nutritious and yet tasty food. Am I getting enough & balanced nutrition in my food? This is a common concern of many. To address this concern BellyBurn Healthworks is established, to create awareness about right food, to prepare and deliver nutritious & delicious food, and to provide healthy food products. At BellyBrn.com, our endeavour is to fulfil the gap between need & availability of solutions targeted towards health through nutrition packed in whole food.

"Join us to make a healthier world""

Please reach out to me at sachin@bellybrn.com



Sreeharsha J

Co-Founder & Director - nutriFOOD


Hello & welcome.

I came into health & nutrition industry with extreme passion to offer healthy living solutions through right food.

BellyBrn.com is a platform which caters to the idea of educating and imparting health through whole food. Healthy living starts from what we eat. nutriFOOD is the ready to eat healthy meals pack that will be delivered to your home/office on subscription basis, currently in Bangalore. Our recipes at nutriFOOD are specially designed on VIWA (Vegetarian, Inclusive, Wholesome & Aggregate) food principles and can be consumed guilt free..

Wish you all healthy living!

Please reach out to me at sreeharsha@bellybrn.com


Sreeharsha J

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